500 DABO Cane Holders Ready at Ayanna Plastics & Engineering

L to R: DABO Company's Distributor & Sales Representative Tom Krumreich; Joy Newnam, Director of Sales & Marketing; David Nicholson, CEO & Inventor. They are standing in front of 500 DABO Cane Holders at the plant of Ayanna Plastics & Engineering Co. of Clearwater, FL.

NEWS FLASH! DABO Cane Holders are ready to go! Ayanna Plastics & Engineering of Clearwater, Florida has finished production on the first batch of safe, soft, strong cane holders which are now ready for distribution to senior care facilities, hotels and restaurants, event venues, clubhouses, ski lodges and anywhere that people use canes. Want to make your residents, clients and customers more comfortable at your tables? Contact us for details!

David and Barbara Nicholson of DABO Services Co, LLC WON the Salt & Pepper Entrepeneur Award, presented at the Young at Heart Celebration of Exceptional Seniors, sponsored by the West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, Inc. The event was held at Ala Carte Pavilion in Tampa on February 14, 2012 at 11 AM.
DABO Senior Entrepreneur Award Winners

The Salt & Pepper Senior Entrepreneurs Award Winners

L to R: Freedom Plaza's Marketing Director Sally Nichols, Barbara (Bo) Nicholson, David Nicholson, Patty Suarez, VP Marketing & communication for WCFAAA, Inc.

DABO staff at Kings Point Health Fair

Joy Newnam, David Nicholson, and Shelley Lott

On February 3rd, DABO participated in the Kings Point Health Fair in Sun City Center, Florida.

DABO staff at Keystone Health Fair

L to R: DABO President David Nicholson, Sales & Marketing Director Joy Newnam, Vice President Barbara Nicholson, Distributor Tom Krumreich

DABO’s first venture out into the world of Health Fairs occurred on Friday January 20, 2012 at THE HAMPTON on McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater, FL.

Set up time began at 8:30 am and Tom Krumreich, our Distributor, and we arrived early….excited and anxious. Joy Newnam Sales & Marketing Director, arrived on time as she has done this MANY times in the past but not for DABO. We had requested a spot with good computer communication available so were assigned to “The Patio” where coffee is available mornings for residents. Computer connection was readily available so Tom got it all hooked up to show our website to all comers. He also had available on his laptop the capability to swipe credit cards. Our site now has an active Pay Pal button so place your orders! We didn’t need that as it turned out because we learned that Health Fairs are for “prospecting” more than selling.

This fair sponsored by Keystone Health was spread out all over the building on several floors so we felt a bit isolated. Other vendors in our little room were “Pampered Chef”, “Costco” and the cooking demo by Chef Ivan which was yummy but didn’t happen until noon. The fair opened at 10 AM and closed at 2 PM so we were packed up and out of there by 2:30 PM feeling great about our day and all the positive responses.

We were thrilled that our caneholder door prize was won by a resident at the HAMPTON who uses a cane! We made contact with many health care professionals and all were very excited to see our DABO caneholders! Our Sales Staff will follow up with them. We met two new DABO Sales Reps who will cover Polk Co, Gay Finkleman and her assistant Misty. They are very attractive and experienced sellers as Gay has her own business “GENIE PUBLISHING” and will help you write your life story. Their booth was on an upper floor and very attractive .We are thrilled to have them on our team and we all plan to exhibit again at the King’s Point Health Fair in Sun City Center on Feb 3rd.

Joy will be attending the Health Fair at the Coliseum in St Pete on Monday morning Jan 23rd so we are off and running!