Installing the DABO cane holder is easy!

cane holder installation step 1 cane holder installation step 2
We include three screws and printed hole patterns to make the process foolproof. All you need to do is lean the table on its side, drill the pilot holes, align the holder and attach it firmly with the screws. Tip the table back up, add table cloth to cover the holder, and you’re done!
cane holder installation step 3 cane holder installation step 4
The cane holder requires three screws. For particle board table tops, three 1/8 inch diameter holes must be drilled 3/4 inch deep using the printed hole patterns, because the particle board is hard. Wooden table tops may not need predrilled holes.
cane holder assembly complete cane holder installation from below
For all tables, the front edge of the holder’s base needs to be located about 1/2 inch inside from the table’s edge and pointed toward the center of the table. The single end screw should be inserted first and the last two will align the holder properly.
cane holder with cane cane holder concealed under tablecloth

Get more information on installing DABO caneholders in your restaurant, clubhouse, or facility, or order a DABO caneholder for yourself!