The Story Behind DABO Caneholders

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That’s never been more true than in the case of DABO caneholders.

The Beginning

In August 2010, David and Barbara Nicholson were seated in one of the beautiful dining rooms at Freedom Plaza in Sun City Center, FL. Their dining companion had his cane on the floor and one of the wait staff nearly tripped over it!

David, a mechanical engineer, saw the problem. There were no convenient places to store a cane at the table – a must for facilities that cater to those who depend on canes to move about safely. An idea was born.

David devised the idea of a soft, strong caneholder that permanently mounts UNDER the table. Instead of laying their canes on the floor or storing them against a wall or near the entrance (a huge vulnerability for those who rely on them!), users can keep the cane upright, out of the way, and still easily retrieve it.  No metal or hard plastic to bruise knees and thighs — David wanted his unique patent-pending design to be soft but durable.  He wanted it to be comfortable to insert and remove a cane while seated, and the caneholder material had to be easy to keep clean.

From a Walking Stick to a Walking Invention

David spent the next 11 months designing and testing varying models, and testing them at the retirement facility where he and Barbara resided. Together, they formed a business – DABO Services Company, LLC – and began marketing their invention to restaurants, clubhouses, and senior living facilities nationwide.  No other cane holder draws rave reviews from actual cane users like the DABO caneholder.