Imagine providing your diners a safe, secure place to store their canes as they eat. It’s easy with the DABO Caneholder — an ingenious product that keeps canes handy and out of the way.

Hospitals, VA facilities, health clubs, condo association club houses, fraternal organizations…any dining facility with fixed tables will benefit from DABO cane holders.

Permanently mounted under wood, glass or metal tables, the DABO Caneholder accepts any cane with tips up to 2″. Its soft material and crushable design reduces possible injury while safely storing the cane away from legs or feet — and removes a major tripping hazard for your waiters and other diners!

Manufactured in the USA, the DABO Caneholder is discrete, durable and dependable. No senior facility should be without it!

NEW for home use!  If you’d like one for yourself, the DABO Caneholder retails for just $29.95.  Order yours online today.

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